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July 2017
Sunny was the 2nd of 3 realtors on my list. After our first conversation , I knew what was missing on the first one as she asked me questions and gave me answers that the first one didn’t have. I was confident I found the realtor who’ll help us find our dream home. We were hoping to find a house in 3-6 months and we got one in 3 weeks. Not that we rushed but she was very diligent in finding us a home with the perfect balance of our wants, needs and our budget. She was pretty much in contact with us everyday and there’s not a single question left unanswered, not a single worry left unassured. I strongly recommend her as she’s very good in her profession. After closing, she was still in contact with us and making sure everything is okay. We now have a great home and that’s because we had a great realtor, that’s Sunny Darden.
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